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Mineral Makeup
The skin care makeup alternative

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What is
Mineral Makeup?

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With the cosmetic counters over flowing with new products it is difficult to know which choices are right for you.  Everybody wants to have healthy, glowing skin but there is a danger of causing more harm than good when in the search for that perfect product.


In many cases sensitive and problematic skin can be due to use of traditional high street cosmetics, which include Synthetic pigment, talc and bulking agents.


These products can contain up to 90% synthetic ingredients, sometimes pigments similar to those found in household paint. With 60% of these ingredients being absorbed into our skin, its important we are aware of the risks involved and the options available to us.


An allergic reaction to some of the most commonly used synthetic ingredients can develop over time. The simplest and safest solution lies in using natural products which can be easily absorbed and being aware of which products to avoid.


The purest Mineral colour cosmetics are carefully formulated from rich coloured natural pigment taken directly from the earth as well as carefully choosen botanical ingredients. 

Consider mineral makeup as a long lasting, protective, safe way of allowing you to be creative with cosmetic colour on a day to day basis.

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- Flawless coverage for all skin types
- Provide a Natural UVA/UVB sun protection
- Suits all skin types and all ages
- Calms and soothes sensitive skin.
- Long lasting and water resistant
- Pigments are perfectly mixed for all skin tones.
- They are not tested on animals.

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Mineral Colour Masterclass

During this masterclass, I will guide you towards choosing the right mineral cosmetic colour choices for you. Looking at your hair, skin, eyes and current style we look at how to hide the things you don’t want to see and enhance the things you do.


I invite you to bring your makeup bag along with you so we can discuss application tips along with any questions you may have before makeup application. I will provide tips and hints for you to take away with you including samples of minerals to try at home.


Variable prices, contact me for details.

Mineral Colour Masterclass Enquiry

Thanks for your enquiry, I will be in touch.

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My Mineral Makeup Portfolio

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